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Verona, the city of Romeo and Juliet

“For never was a story of more woe than this of Juliet and her Romeo.”

William Shakespeare

Verona is a gorgeous city at the foot of the Italian Alps. It is an absolute pleasure strolling the narrow street, the many piazzas and the beautiful Adige river banks. The centre of the city is dominated by the ruins of the Roman Arena, that is still in use in the summer for Operas and Concerts. The main piazza, Piazza Erbe, is surrounded by stunning frescoed building and it host a market daily.

Worth a visit is Juliet’s balcony. On the walls of this place lovers stick love notes. The Medieval Castelnuovo and the Castelnuovo bridge are definitely a must see. Verona is also world famous for its wines, Amarone, Ripasso, Valpolicella and Soave.

For those who venture a little outside the city, they can find this gem.

For more information here is a reference guide.

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