Travel Tips – So You Can Travel Like a Pro

Are you looking for tips on how to travel better?  Look no further.  Also, some of these tips are very simple but very effective.

Travel Tip #1: Try to book the most direct route

The less amount of connections you have, the easier the flight will be. This will save you a lot of time and the possibility of delays. The more connections you make, the more chances you have to get delayed. It also means that the more connections there are, the more opportunities there are to get your bags lost between planes, especially when there is very little time between flights. Of course, direct flight comes with a cost, so it has to be a balance between budget and convenience.

On the topic of connecting flights, there are a couple of critical words when booking a flight that you have to be very careful of. Lots of people tend to use those definitions interchangeably but in reality, are very different.

Here a quick explanation:

  • Direct flight: this means that you will board the plane in airport A and disembark in airport B. The flight, however, might land at airport C, D, etc. letting passengers off and bringing more passengers on at each stop.
  • Non-Stop Flight: this means that you will take off at airport A and you will land and disembark at airport B, no stops in between.

So the fact that you booked a direct flight doesn’t mean that it is a non-stop flight. When you book a flight, check that it is a non-stop one to avoid surprises.

Travel Tip: Book short, non stop flights - even if the cost a little more!
Book Non-Stop

Pro Tip #2: Sign Up to Your Favorite Airlines’ Loyalty Program

It is always a good idea to sign-up to your favorite airlines’ loyalty program. This will allow you to start collecting loyalty points. Sometimes being part of their membership program will give you some perks such as a free checked bag or priority boarding. Further, once you sign up to the membership program, you will start receiving the airlines’ offers.

Additionally, consider signing up for the Airlines’ corresponding credit card.  Often, you can “double-dip” and get more points, thereby increasing your loyalty!

Travel Tip #3: Pack Smart

This tip seems pretty obvious, but it is not. If you can travel light try to do so. Traveling with a carry-on will save you a ton of time at the airport baggage claim. On top of that, you won’t risk having your bag lost. This is incredibly important when your flight requires several connections. If you need to bring a checked language, always pack 24 hours necessity on your carry-on. Each airline has different sizes for carrying on allowed in the cabin. Always make sure you check that your carry on fits in the template for the specific airline you are going to fly.

These are the items that should always go In your carry-on:

  • Medications
  • Travel Documents, hotels, and transportations confirmations, boarding passes
  • Electronics, chargers and all the cables
  • A change of clothes (this is particularly important if you are traveling to a destination with a completely different climate than the place you are leaving)
  • If you wear eyeglasses a spare pair of glasses should always be in your carry on
  • Cash and foreign currency of the countries you are going to visit
Pro Tip: Travel with carry on - its easier!
Photo by from Pexels

If you are taking a cruise, here are some tips on what to pack.

Pro Tip #4: Make Your Bag Recognisable

This tip was passed to me by an officer on a cruise ship, and I think it is incredibly simple but very effective. Always put a language tag with your name, address, & phone number on your checked-in bag, but this is not enough.  Further, always put a note inside the bag with your name, your address, phone number, email address, and your detailed itinerary!

When a bag is lost in connection at some airport, it always gets open by the airline agents. If you have an itinerary inside the agent will know immediately where you will be next and which would be the closest airport to ship your bag too. This little trick can save valuable time to have your bag back.

Travel Tip: Arrive early - Relax at the Airport
Photo from Pexels

Travel Tip #5: Try to arrive at the airport in advance

Get to the airport well in advance. In doing so, it will allow you to relax after passing security, and it will enable you to board in a more calm state of mind.  Also, If you have access to a business class lounge (through points, credit card perks, or a small fee) use it, this will make your trip even more relaxing.

Pro Tip #6: Check-in Online as Soon as Possible

If you don’t have a preassigned seat, check-in online as soon as it becomes available.  This way, you can pick a good seat. The best seats are at the front of the plane or by the emergency exits. If you see a row with three seats and only one is taken, try to take take the aisle or the window seat in the same row leaving the middle one empty. In case the plane is not full, chances are, nobody will sit in the middle seat, leaving you with some extra room. If two of you are traveling, try to leave the middle one free for the same reason.

Pro Tip: Always check in on line as soon as possible

Before selecting your seat, always to check the review of the seats on to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Travel Tip #7: Always Dress Comfortably for a Flight

Indeed, this is particularly important if your flight is longer than 2 hours. Wear loose, breathable clothes, but bring something warm with you. Sometimes the temperature in the cabin can be frigid. If you have long compression socks, those are fantastic to reduce fluid retention in your legs and feet.  Wear comfortable shoes on the plane.  Walking around the plane every couple of hours will help as well.

Travel Tip: Compression Socks Keep You Comfortableblank

Pro Tip #8: Low-Cost Airlines Are Not Always Cheaper

Low-cost airlines are popular nowadays, but you will always have to make sure that they are cheaper. Some low cost have many add on extra expenses (carry-on over a specific size, printed boarding pass, seat assignment, etc.) that will add up making them the same price, if not more than regular airlines. On top of that most low cost depart and arrive late at night or very early in the morning when airports are cheaper. This might impact your vacation time. Also, be sure to check the airline review on  before making your final decision.Travel Tip - Taking off comfortably is a great start!

Travel Tip #9: Limit Alcohol Consumption When Flying

Most people that drink on a plane feel terrible after landing. There are a few reasons for this. The dry, pressurized environment onboard makes people mildly dehydrated and reduces the amount of oxygen in the brain. Alcohol also causes dehydration. The mild dehydration and the slight lack of oxygen make the effect of drinking more intense and long-lasting. This is why hang-overs after flying tend to be more severe and last longer.  If you want to enjoy a drink on the plane, make sure also to drink plenty of water and eat something with your drink.

Pro Tip #10: Let Your Bank Know You’re Traveling

Before you travel, let your bank know you are traveling, where you are traveling to, and how long you will be away. If you don’t do this, your bank might block your credit card thinking it has been cloned overseas. On the same topic never travel with a maxed-out credit card. You never know what will happen while you are away, and you don’t want to risk being out of funds.

I hope you found these few simple tips helpful. Feel free to add your own tips in the comments below.

-Happy Travelling



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