The Best Princess Cruises Parties!

Party with Captain Steven Lewis of the Emerald Princess - Princess Cruises

It’s no secret. We are big Princess Cruises fanatics. Indeed, we’ve sailed with Princess Cruises several times, and we always love the onboard parties. Those parties allowed us to mingle and meet fellow passengers and crew members. We love the opportunity to dress up a little and to take a lot of photos in our best outfits!

We haven’t been invited to the most prestigious Princess Cruises VIP parties yet—the top 40 most traveled passengers. Therefore we are working hard to be able to cut. Among the few different Princess Cruises parties on board, these are our favorites!

Champagne Waterfall Parties On Princess Cruises

Princess Cruises Champagne waterfall party

On Princess Cruises, the champagne waterfall usually happens on the first formal night and the first sea day. For us, it is the first occasion to dress up in our formal clothes and mingle with our fellow passengers. We love to see all the officers and go and meet them. Moreover, we have become friends with many officers. Also, we keep in touch with them all the time on Facebook or the phone.

Some people that we talked to consider these Princess Cruises parties to be a bit too retro, and they say they don’t like it. We find that it is very classic and brings back the charm of the old fashion cruising.

Before the party, we like to go and find what the best spot to stand is. That is to say where we can get the most amount of free “Champagne”! Secondly, we like to find out where all the officers are going to gather before they give their speech.

Party with Captain Todd McBain of the Coral Princess - Princess Cruises

Captain Circle Party

Princess Cruises hosts Captain’s circle parties generally on the second formal night, and it is by invite only. You need to be at least a Platinum Member to be invited. If you are not a Platinum or Elite Member, there are other parties but not as important as it is this one.

The party begins with a personal greeting by the officers and the Captain, which is usually by the door shaking hands with every guest. After that, there is an open bar with cocktails and canapes.

For us, this is another excuse to dress up and to mingle with all the officers and fellow passengers.

During the party, the future cruise consultant announces new itineraries and specials. It was at one of the cruise parties on the Island Princess (In Alaska), that we found out about the Antarctica Itinerary.

The Captain goes on stage at the party and announces the most traveled passengers. After that, there is a draw for a bottle of Prosecco. Funny story about that, during a Caribbean cruise on the Regal Princess Rick and I were the winner of the bottle of Prosecco. We did not think it was a big deal. Funny enough, the following day, people that we have never met before were asking us how the Prosecco was! We became famous for a day!

We always look forward to the Captain Circle’s parties on Princess, and we’re working hard to be able to be invited to the Most Traveled Passenger party!

Balloon Drop Party

The Balloons Drop Parties are always a lot of fun on Princess Cruises! Generally, it gets hosted on the last formal-night of the cruise. Conversely, if the cruise is only one week long, this party is on the same night as Captain Circle.

We found that this event is always a big crowd-pleaser. The central Piazza is generally full, and the vibe is excellent. The music is fun, and people love to dance. When kids are on board, they love to catch the balloons and pop them!

Some Cruise Directors are fantastic, and during this party, the entire crew really shined. On our 21-Day Mediterranean Cruise, we got spoiled. We had this party (and all the other ones) once a week, and we LOVED IT!

Unfortunately for most passengers, the Balloon Drop Party is also the end of the cruise. That is a little bittersweet, but the memories are great.

princess cruises balloon drop party

Princess Cruises Love Boat Disco Deck Parties!

The Love Boat Disco Deck Parties are for sure my all-time favorite on Princess Cruises. Unfortunately, they don’t do it every cruise. I don’t know why. It seems to be way more common on a warm destination, probably because it is hosted on the open deck by the pool.

It always starts with a cool video of the old Love Boat crew and then the music and the dance begins. The party reaches its peak when the dancers come out to dance the YMCA! The music is all from the ’70s, and the vibe is fantastic. Another highlight of the party is the Isac, dance inspired by Isac, the bartender on the original TV show.

Princess cruises Deck Party

On our 21 Day Mediterranean cruise, the cruise director promoted us to honorary crew members and gave us the Love Boat t-shirts and CRUISE Pins. It was awesome!

Too bad that this party is not on every cruise, in our opinion, it is the best one and the most fun!

The Voice of the Ocean – Finale

The Voice of the Ocean is not technically a party, but it is more like a show on Princess Cruises. To be sure, it’s still quite fun. The setting is excellent, with the big rotating chairs like they have on the TV show. The selected passengers do a lot of training during the entire cruise to perform on stage in the finale.

The quality of the singers is quite remarkable, especially thinking that they are fellow passengers.

Captain’s Farewell Party

The Captain’s Farewell party generally gets hosted on cruises longer than 15 nights (i.e., not back to back). It is very similar to the champagne waterfall one. The Captain gives his speech on the cruise. It is another excellent opportunity to mingle with fellow passengers and officers. Unfortunately, it is also the time that we have to say goodby to many people. It is time to exchange contact information and stay in touch with the people that made the cruise fun and enjoyable.

We always try our best to keep in touch because you never know when you’ll meet again! For example, we’ve had the pleasure to sail on several voyages with crew members that we have met on different ships in the past, and we are delighted to call them friends.

I hope you enjoyed reading my few notes. If you have a favorite event onboard, let us know in the comment below.


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