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San Diego, California

San Diego is the quintessential South California city. The weather is always warm and rather dry. The beaches are beautiful, large and sandy. The City is alive and vibrant. Some of the most famous tourist spots in San Diego include Balboa Park, San Diego Zoo and Mission Bay.

San Diego zoo is massive, and it is home to many different species around the world including a Panda. The zoo is in the massive Balboa Park a great big park in the middle of the city that is also home to other attractions such as San Diego Space Museum or the Sand Diego Art Museum.

A great area for a stroll is the Old San Diego State park, build around the old colonial Spanish Mission.

One of the most vibrant and fun area of the city is Mission Bay and Belmont Park. This amusement park right on the beach is the perfect spot to grab lunch while watching surfers ride waves.

In San Diego harbour you can visit the SS Midway, an aircraft carrier from WW II that is now being converted in a museum.

A short drive north and reach the LA Jolla area, with its manicured roads, beautiful sandy beaches, many great restaurants and a resident colony of sea lions.

Other favorites include: Las Vegas, Seattle, Sedona, Monument Valley, Arches National Park, The Grand Canyon, And Antelope Canyon.

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