How I Keep My Travel Memories Alive!

If you’re like me and you enjoy taking lots of travel photos, perhaps documenting each and every part of your journey, you probably want to keep those photos handy.  If you are like many, you’ll take your photos, and perhaps upload them to social media, you’ll get likes and loves from all your friends and family, but that’s probably about it.  You might show them again at a party, and that might even be a stretch.

There Has Got To Be a Better Way!

A few years ago, I received an email, offering me a free photo book.  Being the photo-geek that I am, I quickly took advantage of theoffer, and started playing around with the tool.  This new company, incidently, is called Blurb.

I discovered soon on that I can convert all my trip photos into a beautiful book that can sit on my coffee table – and people love to look at them!  Since then I started my collection of travel books, documenting each one of our holidays, and found that it’s lots of fun both creating the book and re-visiting it later on.  Those who visit our home often see the books by the television, and pick them up, and ask questions about the destination, where we were, how did we get there, etc.  Of course, if anyone knows us well, we travel a lot on cruises!  We absolutely love cruising as it allows us to see so much of the world in a very short period of time.  We also take 1000’s photos!

Making a Photo Book is Easy!

The steps for making the books are incredibly simple using Blurb.  In fact, if you can upload photos to Facebook, you can do this!  Not only that, they have an excellent, very user-friendly, website to create books, calendars, cards, etc.  The process couldn’t be easier.

Click Here for an easy tutorial on how to use the Blurb Platform.

Tip: If you’re a pro user, you might also want to know that Blurb is integrated into Adobe Lightroom.  If you don’t know what that means, don’t worry, it doesn’t matter!

Once I upload my photos to the Blurb website, I can choose the size of the photo book, paper quality, etc and I can expect to receive it within about 10 working days at home.

Tip: For instant gratification, there’s also an “ebook” option as well that gives you the book in .pdf format.

The Result

The quality is stunning, the website lets you choose different kind of paper and sizes.

My favourite type of pages are the two page spread that allow you to have a panorama photo spreading like the photo above.

I also discovered that people love to receive these books as gifts. For example, we were traveling with friends last year, and as usual, I took a TON of photos, and I made a book specifically for them.

Blurb gave me the ability to have the book drop shipped to their address- a completely unexpected gift! My friends were so happy that for one week they kept the book in the car and they were showing it to everyone they knew! Another time I was invited to a milestone birthday party and people were taking tons of photos with their cell phone. I asked all the guests to send me their best shots, I made a book and had it drop shipped to the Birthday girl, and later confessed that it was the best gift she had received! ?

One last thing, Blurb often runs specials for up to 40%, just sign up for their email list and wait… you’ll receive specials from time to time.  We will often create the book on their site, and as soon as the 40% coupon comes along, that’s when we buy it.

Happy Travelling!


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