beach packing list

The Ultimate Beach Trip Packing List [9+ Items to Pack]

Beach trips are some of the best experiences you can have anywhere. The thought of running barefoot on the sand with the sun on your face and the wind in your hair is just uplifting. You get to capture fun moments that’ll go down as treasured memories.  Basically, nothing should have the chance to ruin…

Porto Cervo Sardinia Italy
Features | Italy | Porto Cervo | Sardinia

Porto Cervo Sardinia

Today we’re going to show you the beautiful seaside resort of Porto Cervo, in Sardinia Italy. Porto Cervo is the capital of the Emerald Coast (Costa Smeralda) in the north east part of the island of Sardinia. The name Emerald Coast comes from the Emerald green color of the water in this particular area of…

Cruise review of Costa Deliziosa
Cruise | Mediterranean

Cruise review of Costa Deliziosa

We just disembarked from our 2 week Mediterranean cruise on board the Costa Deliziosa and we want give you a complete review of every aspect of our cruise! We will assign a score out of ten at each aspect of the cruise! The Ship Let’s start our Cruise review of Costa Deliziosa from the first…

sydney opera house

9 Amazing Facts About Sydney to Know for Your Next Trip

Unfortunately, once again, Sydney is in lockdown. However, this situation won’t last forever, so you might want to start planning your Sydney adventure as early as possible if you want to fit in all the amazing things this city has to offer into one trip. Without a doubt, Sydneysiders will stand united during the pandemic…

Driving in Italt
Activities | Features | Italy | Train

Should I drive in Italy?

Are you wondering if you should drive in Italy?  Perhaps you’re thinking of visiting Italy and renting a car? Let us be the first to tell that the Italian Train system is quite fantastic and it can take you to every big city very efficiently. Unfortunately there are some areas of the country that can…

tuk tuk

7 Reasons to Use a Tuk Tuk in Thailand

The Auto Rickshaw, more commonly known as “Tuk-Tuks” in Thailand is a three-wheeled motorized rickshaw that can hold two to three people at one time. In this article, we’ll cover the reasons to use a tuk-tuk on your next trip to Thailand. Although created in Japan, it was Thailand that went into production many years later….


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